I am beautiful creative flow, picking up speed, stepping into my power, and slowing down.  

Absolute Spirit Connection.

I am love, compassion, and selflessness.

I am forgiveness, forgiveness to myself.

I am surrender, surrender to what I can't control. 

I am born for greatness, an extraordinary man, filled with extraordinary ways of helping others.  I am not here to people please.

I create money easily.

My actions I take are bold and I create things I could not have imagined.

My life is a fun filled adventure.

I am bold.  Bold with my thoughts, choices, voice, and actions. 

I am impeccable with my word.

I only speak the truth with complete belief in myself. 

I am laser like focus.

I live. I love. I learn and I serve profoundly and extraordinarily.

I do not sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.  Including death and dying. 

I am a Jack Johnson Song in the Flesh.  Warm hearted, power filled, brother dude.  

Who is a run of sun that peaks out and warms you up at dawn patrol.


My name is Alex Goldau and I have the greatest job in the world. 

I love coaching my clients and receiving coaching has fundamentally changed who I am. It has changed the way I am with my family, my wife, my friends, myself, and the strangers I meet on the street. Most recently, coaching has helped me to truly understand the kind of father I will be.

It hasn't always been this way. My career in the trade show world left me with many sleepless nights. I have logged way too many hours working in the darkness before the dawn patrol. My job was just that, a job. I clocked-in, clocked-out and raced home to try and catch an evening surf.

Then I discovered coaching. Working with my own personal coach, we shifted my approach to the corporate world. We shifted my mindset and put the work in. We created balance through what I call my non-negotiables. Family, coaching, surfing, and yoga. While doing so I've been able to thrive at work and people have taken notice. My income is a beautiful reflection of this. 

I've brought my I am to the corporate world and I've done it my way. Guess what?  My way is working! I bring the fun and don’t take life so seriously. I do a great job and I love the great job I do. I love the people around me. I love taking an interest in them and how I can help by creating value.

Now, I am here to create my ripple effect. I am leaving this place better than I found it by spreading the love, knowledge, and growth through my own coaching practice. 



I coach because it feels so damn good to listen with compassion and empathy. I love being with my clients in their struggle and successes.

I love hearing them like they have never been heard before. Seeing them like they have never been seen before. Then I provide as much value as possible in order to help them find and implement the solution they have been looking for all this time.

I coach to guide others to step into their true power, to rise each morning,

creating how they desire and engage in the world.  Guiding others to find their way, finding balance, fulfillment, and joy again.



You are definitely my client if you are a coachable creative who is ready to learn and grow. You love life and you have big dreams to do big things.

If we are working together, you have no problem setting goals and reaching them. You have bold thoughts, you make bold choices, and you take bold actions. You use your laser like focus to get shit done. Yet, no matter how many goals you have accomplished, you can always find another wave to ride. Each time you accomplish that milestone, your racing monkey mind creates one challenge and then another for you to pursue. All this accomplishment and very little lasting fulfillment. 

I work to help you change this. I will help you slow down. I work with you to learn to love yourself and the beautiful life you already have. Through this you will find flow and fulfillment like you have never experienced. You will find lasting happiness.

When you commit to yourself and what you want, your personal and professional life will change profoundly.  

You are always in my thoughts.  Our work doesn’t end when sessions end. I am there for you when you need me. I am 100% committed to you.

I’m stoked to get started.

Breakthrough Sessions



Coaching really isn’t something that can be explained. Coaching must be experienced. 

Before we dive into any logistics, let’s sit down and have a conversation. I listen with no judgment and complete curiosity. 

The work we do will change how you see the world. 

Yes, even after a single conversation. 




Jared S.

Jared S.

Jared S.

"I have been working with Alex for nearly a year, focusing on health & wellness as well as personal and business goals.  Alex has been very effective guiding me through some significant challenges.  He is always positive, enthusiastic and eager to help and guide where it’s needed.  He is an excellent listener, able to pick up on nuances of our conversations in order to open up a broader discussion.  Alex possess a great set of tools which he implements to create challenges to push through obstacles in order to achieve one’s goals.  Alex is excellent at seeing the big pictures and providing the guidance for one to navigate the process, while making it enjoyable along the way and without losing focus of the goals that have been established.  If you are dealing with challenges in life or business that are difficult to overcome or just want to take it to the next level, I would highly recommend Alex as a partner to get you there."


Laura M.

Jared S.

Jared S.

"Alex is an incredible Health Coach you can trust to get the results you've always wanted for your overall health, wellness, and body! As an exhausted mom of 3 kids under the age of 5, I always had excuses and thought I had too much on my plate to get into a good workout routine or diet plan. Alex opened my eyes up to the importance of finding time for myself and taught me simple diet, workout, stress-relieving, and energy-inducing activities to improve my lifestyle. He was an awesome motivator, accountability partner, cheerleader, and more like an old trusted friend you could be honest with and talk to about anything standing in the way of your goals. Then he would equip me with the knowledge, tools, and confidence I needed at each of our sessions to achieve my best results. After 12 short weeks, I was already down a dress size and living a happier life feeling more fulfilled with a purpose of taking better care of myself, which carried over into my family life as well! Truly a life-changing experience having a Coach willing to help you with all the aspects of your health and wellness over a Trainer who may only focus on workouts and the foods you can't eat. Let Alex help you become the best version of yourself... and you'll never need to look back!!" 


Spencer H.

Oz Hepworth

Oz Hepworth

"Know this — Alex is not afraid to dive in deep! I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. He’s a true listener and thinker… and he’s constantly thinking about how he can help you make needed changes. On top of this, he’s an incredibly genuine coach who doesn’t try to sell you or push you in a direction you don’t need to be going. 

When I first met with Alex, I was ridiculously life-stuck. Work was unsatisfying and I didn’t have any major goals, nor the direction to achieve them. Over a two-hour meeting, Alex honed in on my “stuckness” and the underlying reasons I was dissatisfied. He helped me begin to shift my views on my work and how I fit it into my life (not trying to fit life into my work), and gave me new advice for moving forward in both the short and long term. Literally the next day things changed for me, and I’ve been consistently improving in both my work and personal life. I’m more focused than ever on moving toward something that’s fulfilling, profitable, and in-line with where I want to be in the years to come. If you’re seeking some guidance and feedback on your personal and professional situations, you have everything to gain by meeting with Alex. It’s the best investment in time and in myself that I’ve made."


Oz Hepworth

Oz Hepworth

Oz Hepworth

"His calm, focused, and optimistic approach to coaching helped me achieve a healthier perspective on things.

Alex cares! He’s the first coach, and I’ve worked with many, that deeply cares about the success, wellbeing and fulfillment of his clients.

After working with Alex, I find myself way more grounded in who I am and what I want in life – without apology, guilt, or shame. I’ve also become aware of what fear of success feels like and what I can do to acknowledge it and move beyond it. As for coaching, I find myself coaching and teaching middle school kids and the adults connected to them. It’s been unexpectedly fulfilling and inspiring helping the next generation of amazing people.

I whole heartedly recommend any coach, entrepreneur, or leader to work with Alex.

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